Fostering sexual and mental wellbeing is an integral part of creating a healthy and fulfilling life.



A desire for change

I help people and brands to connect with themselves and others. I see the need to
create pathways for sexual liberation, to destigmatise mental health issues, to create
space for self exploration and to support people on their healing journeys.

Well being

There are many beautiful ways to drive change.
I chose to use my expertise and strategic nature to support wonderful companies that care about people’s wellbeing, that have a greater mission, a desire to do good.

Let’s get personal

When I'm not working...

I’m probably dancing, immersing myself in nature, longboarding, writing poetry, painting, or connecting with loved ones over plant-based food and deep chats.

Let’s get personal

I’m inspired by…

Vulnerability, authentic expression, people that care about other beings and strive to create a better world in harmony with nature.

Let’s get personal

I love nerding out on…

Human psychology, shadow work (C.G.Jung), somatics, (sacred) sexuality, the menstrual cycle, neuroscience, mindfulness, the law of attraction, attachment theory.